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Family law cases in Virginia can be complicated, emotionally charged cases. You're not simply dealing with an accident or damage to your property. How often you see your children and who receives custody of them could be on the line.

We understand what's at stake, which is why we work so hard on such cases. We realize the work we do today could make a dramatic difference in the lives of an entire family for years to come. We also realize you probably want to resolve your case with the least amount of disruption.

Founded in 1891, the Law Firm of Davis, Davis, Davis & Davis, PC, has a well-earned reputation in Roanoke and throughout Southwest Virginia for tackling tough cases and successfully resolving them. We're proud of our results, and we're eager to work with you.

What types of family law cases does Davis, Davis, Davis, & Davis handle?

Family law cases cover a wide range. Some of the most common types of cases we handle at our firm include:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Adoption

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Don't underestimate the complexity of your case. Even if both sides seem to agree on everything, never assume that your case will be quickly resolved. Complications often come up during these cases. You need to be prepared. You need us on your side, looking out for your best interests.

Why should I hire a Virginia family law attorney to resolve my case?

When you have an experienced attorney working for you, you can take a firm stance throughout your case. We also understand that these cases often require a subtle touch. That's why it's important to have a lawyer who knows how to take such a nuanced approach.

There's no substitute for experience. Attorney William P. Davis has been practicing law since 1999 and has successfully worked on many family law cases. Talk to clients who worked with him and they will rave about attorney Davis' commitment.

We want to earn your trust and help you resolve your legal issues. We care about your case because we're more than just your attorney. We're your neighbor, your friend. That's why we treat all clients like family. Contact us and schedule a free case evaluation. Call (866) 434-1581.


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Frequently Asked Questions



Legal matters involving child custody related issues can become very divisive during divorce negotiations. Our goal is simple - to help you resolve these issues in a fair, equitable manner that causes the least disruption to yourself and your children. Even if you and your spouse cannot resolve your personal issues, hopefully we can help you work out the terms of your custody agreement.



We believe every effort should be made to allow both parents to have active participation in the lives of their kids. With that goal in mind, we can offer you legal advice and actively participate in negotiations deciding when and where you will be able to see your children. We can also work with you to make sure your child's visitation schedule aligns with the rest of your life. We're here to help you restore order to your life.


Child support

If you are represented by one of our attorneys, we can work with you and make sure you receive or pay a fair amount of money in order to continue to raise your child. This might sound simple. But deciding what is "fair" can sometimes be a complicated legal process. We have experience handling these cases. We know what to expect, what evidence we need in order to strengthen our case.

So many factors need to be considered when determining the percentage of the non-custodial parent's net monthly revenue for child support - the cost of daycare, travel expenses and more. Make sure you make the most of this opportunity. Call (866) 434-1581 and schedule an appointment today.



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